On the Ethics of Medical Care under Resource Constraints

Joseph Agassi


The aim of this discussion is practical; otherwise it largely repeats some very general observations, chiefly historical and philosophical. I boast no expertise in anything specifically medical, to do with either medical care or medical administration. My concern is with the system of medicine and with the ethical and social issues that it involves.

Applied philosophy is a still uncharted territory. Philosophers traditionally focus more on justifying accepted solutions than on seeking new solutions to urgent or interesting problems: their staple problems are those of justification. Thus, they spend less time discussing scientific problems and difficulties, and more time discussing the justification of the claims that we know. They habitually choose the simplest and most unproblematic claims for knowledge, and then try to substantiate them...

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4245/sponge.v1i1.2966