We Cannot Allow a Wikipedia Gap!

Sage Rogers Ross


Editing Wikipedia is probably the best way for historians of science to spend their working hours. I became an historian of science because the history (and philosophy and sociology) of science (and medicine and technology) touches on virtually every important social and political issue in the modern world. I wanted to help put the field where it ought to be, at the center of any program of liberal and/or scientific education—part of the baseline of cultural literacy. When I entered grad school, it was a great letdown to realize just how small a part of academic life involves reaching beyond the walls of academe. Public service is not part of the scholar social role until one reaches full professor, if ever. But while my original motivation to edit Wikipedia was an impulse toward service (along with the desire for an audience), that is not primarily why it is incumbent upon scholars in the history of science and her sister fields to join me...

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.4245/sponge.v1i1.1017